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вторник, 9 ноября 2010 г.

Zacky Saves The World

Our new friend from Down Under and his name is Zac Steinic, he work out of Sydney.  Zac is very ironic and have a muchly minimalistic website Zacky Saves The World.

Bob: Hi, Zac! When did you first get involved in photo and what are your influences?

Zac: I used to be very proactive in photography during my high school years, but actually spent quite a few years in film making and design before returning.

The opportunity came to shoot for a local fashion magazine, and I made a pitch for the feature and got it. Within two weeks I had to buy my first professional camera, flashes and have the new experience of talking to stylists and makeup teams. That was around eighteen months ago.

My main influence is still my first university degree in film theory. So film is an obvious first choice. But also the emphasis placed upon, during these studies on using space, location, story and of course our own expectation when viewing any medium. I really loved how they would say it’s not important how it’s made, it’s important what it says. That can be a lot, or a little, but ultimately the audience will read it and it will hopefully have impact.

Whenever possible, I always carry these forethoughts into my shoots regardless of visual aesthetic or story being aimed for.

What is "Zac style"?

My style is not really a straight up looks thing. I love to always try new things with the camera. But I have noticed, I really do use models and moods in similar manners.

I like very posed and purposeful images, showing a lot of the outfit, hopefully putting importance back upon the clothing. Some people have descried a few of my shoots as beautiful clothing hangers.

Where do you find your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from everywhere. But somehow I always seem to revert to old films, especially French and Italian I used to watch at university. They are my starting points, it doesn’t actually mean I will use it visually though.

Also, I really adore clothing. Certain layering of styles together, it genuinely fascinates me as it comes together on models, and I enjoy creating stories around them.

Which do you prefer to photo, do you have a favorite?

My favourite subject to shoot is, well, models. I think I enjoy the process of creating something new and consumable, which is best suited to models.

What do you most enjoy about a fashion photography career?

The thing I love about it is also what I hate about it. It’s all the people you get to work with. Some are amazing and some make more work.

What are your plans for the near future?

I am really just trying to build at the moment. I truly believe everything I have done is just a start, and it’s going to keep improving. I am going to keep trying to learn.

Finally, do you have any fashion advice or styling tips you could give to our readers?

Well always try and be aspirational with your work rather than trying to be cool. Put the audience first in what you chose to portray. I guess if something looks obtainable by a few rather than quirky by many, it will last longer.

Thank you for the talk and photos, Zac!

Zacky Saves The World
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