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четверг, 19 августа 2010 г.

The Real i: featuring the indie talent

If you’re a young adult and consider yourself modern and hip or at least want to be, then you’ll like The Real i!

Melissa McCormick presents a web show featuring the best emerging websites and fresh indie talent on the Internet. The Real i is a semi-monthly podcast featuring the best startup websites and indie talent on the Internet.

Coming Internet fashion designers, unique blogs, indie music videos, new non-profits and web startups are just some of the topics presented on The Real i. It getting you involved in web culture right from your home.

"Our goal with The Real i is to get the word out about remarkable new companies and talent. We do a little digging to find our viewers the best new sites to bookmark, so they don't have to spend their time searching," said Emmy Award winning producer Melissa McCormick.

After approximately one year of creative testing, focus groups and social networking, The Real i is now offering sponsorships and ad placements.

Melissa McCormick – The Real i blog

Melissa McCormick is the host and producer of The Real i. She is a former Emmy Award winning news reporter and Internet marketing media director.

Please meet The Real i bloggers:

Katie Kern – The Real i Fashion

Colleen McCormick – The Real i Lifestyle

Aaron Friedman – The Real i Tech

Ashley Fleming – The Real i Weblanthropy

Bill Speakman – The Real i Music

Brent Fleming – The Real i Design

The Real i website
The Real i on Facebook
The Real i on Twitter
The Real i blog
The Real i on Blip.TV
Melissa McCormick’s website

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