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четверг, 29 апреля 2010 г.

Fashion Designer Niki Chin

Fashion Designer Francine "Niki Chin" Gordon is the true meaning of the word talent. Her product lines include: Niki Chin Couture, Niki Chin Urban Wear, and also Niki Chin Accessories. It makes us wonder who is the woman behind the name "Niki Chin"?

Born Francine Nichole Gordon on December 20, 1981, in Kingston, Jamaica, Francine Gordon has come a long way from dreaming of being a star to actually interviewing stars on International television shows. Francine's fashion sense was blossoming at an early age.

As a child she would use scraps of old cloth to make her dolls new clothes. As she got older, she began altering her own clothes to fit or adorning them to look more unique and trendy. In 2007, she and longtime friend, musician and photographer Harold Grate decided to start a unique clothing line. Couture and funky Urban wear became the focus of Niki Chin.

Fashion design is just a portion of her outstanding capabilities. Apart from being a clothing designer and television host, Francine is a talented singer, composer, make-up artist, hair stylist, and portrait artist. In 2004, Francine landed a gig hosting a Caribbean television show in New York called "Plush TV" and eventually made a household name for herself in the Caribbean communities. Music was her life and being a television host was never a career choice for Gordon. In fact, she was always extremely shy growing up. Television was definitely a challenge in itself and a huge stepping stone for something much bigger.

Francine "Niki Chin" Gordon launches her new Couture, Urban Wear and Swim Wear Designs for the 2010 Spring/Summer Fashion Season at Irie Jam Media's Caribbean Fashion Rocks! at Mangoville Ballroom in Jamaica, Queens, New York. Niki Chin will also be displaying her new clothing lines at the "Born to Be A Model" - Model and Designer competition on the same day at Southpaw in Brooklyn, New York. These two events will house the who's who in Caribbean fashion as well as Caribbean and urban entertainment.

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