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среда, 19 января 2011 г.

Those Are Something Like Shoes

Kobi Levi had graduated from Bezalel academy of art and design of Jerusalem in 2001. He enter on a career in footwear design, development and making. Now Kobi is working as a freelance designer.

He is collaborating with both Israeli and international companies and working on his men shoe line in Tel-Aviv, Israel. But today we want to show you a women’s footwear he designed and we call it “something like shoes”.

Vicky Bee: What is inspired you to design a women’s footwear?

Kobi Levi:
When I start to design the artistic shoes, inspiration can come from verywhere: various images, certain situations or themes I choose and research. When I’m working on a commercial line, I choose a theme for the whole collection and design with the “target”, the customer, in mind.

Vicky Bee: Did you have any background in design or manufacturing before you began?

Kobi Levi: I started to design shoes when I was in high school, but made only cardboard models then. I continued my shoe-passion during my design collage studies. I’ve also put a lot of effort learning as many techniques as possible to help me realize my creative ideas.

Vicky Bee: Who’s your favorite shoe designer?

Kobi Levi: I have various people I like their work, Alexander Macqueen, Vivienne Westwood, Rene Van Der Berg and more…

Vicky Bee: What has been the most difficult part of this getting this collection from concept to completion?

Kobi Levi: The development is always very challenging and demanding! As these designs are as off-standard as possible, each part need to be made from the start. I have to make all the technical tooling, patterns, heels and soles by hand. It take a long time to make each item. This is the way to achieve the best results, and the effort is worth it when the final piece is complete, every time.

Vicky Bee: These are something like shoes and most amazing I have ever seen. Where can we find and buy them?

Kobi Levi: Thanks. For now, most of the designs are one of a kind pairs hand made in my studio. Custom made pair were ordered and made. I’m looking into options of limited edition production due to a lot of requests from stores and individuals.

Vicky Bee: This is so remotely diff and unique, what do you expect when you create a new shoe?

Kobi Levi: I want to show my idea in a humorous way. It is important for me that the image will “transform” itself to become the shoe. This way the result is very unique and very communicative with people.

Vicky Bee: Who is your customer?

Kobi Levi: With the artistic shoe I guess the customer will be a very brave person who likes to get the attention these items get, maybe pop stars, actor/actresses, fashion designers and stylists… but, as mentioned, a lot of people asked for these and find them appealing and want to wear them.

Vicky Bee: What are your future plans? Are you going to make more clothing or bags?

Kobi Levi: I’ll keep making my “crazy” shoes, this is my art, as well as collaborating with commercial lines. I’ve designed bags and glasses as well, and I can surly design other items, but shoes will be my main thing.

Kobi Levi Footwear Design

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