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пятница, 12 ноября 2010 г.

A Music Fruit of KOOQLA

It is just over a year since the release of the debut album by KOOQLA, a project created by a dance electronic music producer Artem Kharchenko.

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During this time KOOQLA have received the Golden Gargoyle award, performed at the opening of the 2009 Kazantip festival and the "First music conference on Mars" 2010, were Morcheeba's supporting act at the "Stereoleto", and have completed a European concert tour. During this time more than 700 000 people downloaded the debut long play album. But most importantly, during this time – during the concert tours and short breaks in between the band created a new album.

Except for the solid duet of Artem Harchenko (music, production, ideas) and the beautiful Muse, a doll with different-colored eyes (inspiration, sometimes violent), the «FRUIT» is brought to you by:

Nata Smirina – lyrics, vocal

Anton Chumacheko – bass guitar, keyboards

Konstantin Soldatov – drums

Stas Kononov – guitar

It has to be said that each member of the KOOQLA project, which is increasingly drawn to analog sound, is a fruit of his own. The presence of each member influenced the end result and the mood of the album.

Each track – as is always the case for KOOQLA, is a result of an experiment. But if we talk about its genre – it is still the same mixture of easy-listening, down-tempo, funk and electronica.


This exotic fruit has fall into the hands of listeners on November straight from the official web page of the project.

Artem Kharchenko: “The album is more mature, more "transparent". In terms of technical implementation – we are more into analog. There are more experiments with the use of live instruments and the methods for recording them. Many songs were written during the tours. The first track of the future album – Mute – was created last autumn…”

KOOQLA’s presence on the Russian live-stage is not a trivial phenomenon. There is a lot going on in their heads. What is important is that they know for sure how to transform these images into real music, lyrics, films and of course "stage performances", a sequence of which will take place in Russia and Europe to support the new album. The new album «FRUIT» is nothing other than the autumnal ripened fruit of creative imagination and fruit of the efforts of the entire team, which by the way will appear with a new line-up.


So it can be said that the «FRUIT» took its time to mature. It turned out solid, yet consisting of many elements.


Simple and tough on the outside, and unexpectedly complex inside. Slightly fatal and deceptive. Not luscious, not bitter – but sweetly tart. Firm, yet fragile. Sparkling and fruity. Like a pomegranate.

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