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среда, 20 октября 2010 г.

Madison Buyer: A Unique Fashion Platform

Madison Buyer launches an online apparel and buyer directory and provides fashion industry designers and retailers a platform to help buyers discover the latest apparel and accessories collections on the Internet.

Madison Buyer is an online, business-to-business (B2B) apparel directory. The online directory visually showcases apparel and accessories designers' product lines and collections.

Madison Buyer's comprehensive database offers a simple way for retailers and buyers to search more effectively; enabling them to discover emerging and seasoned designers' apparel and accessories collections that may fit their customers' buying preferences. Buyers can define their searches by category, price point, descriptive collection tags and trade shows that a listed designer is attending.

Madison Buyer also offers a variety of business tools and an easily-accessible platform for both retailers and brands that includes:
- Lookbooks and Video: Appealing online visual guides to designer collections.
- Product Search Capabilities: Highly detailed, efficient search filters used to discover new product lines.
- Tradeshow Support Tools: Apparel industry specific platform offering extensive tradeshow calendars and designer attendance information.
- Social Features: videos, press clips and Twitter embedment.
- Publicity: Reporters and writers can use Madison Buyer to discover new, emerging brands and designers. Designers receive an increased chance of media exposure through Madison Buyer's marketing efforts and online coverage.
- Downloadable line sheets and order forms

In February 2010, Madison Buyer partnered with Magic's POOLTRADESHOW to become the digital extension of the tradeshow. The partnership allowed POOLTRADESHOW to build broader brand awareness for the brands that exhibited at the show through social networks Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare.

In conjunction with social marketing efforts during the show, Madison Buyer conducted on the spot video interviews with POOLTRADESHOW show exhibitors, seeding them across video channels and blogs in order to further increase exposure of the exhibitor's product lines.

"The Madison Buyer platform is an incredible opportunity to give designers exposure to an audience beyond the tradeshow floor," said Elizabeth Perryman, co-founder of Madison Buyer.

In early October 2010 Elizabeth fully participated in the Portland independent designers fashion week. This event becoming the next most interesting thing in indie fashion. Here are some names that presented in Portland: Wyatt Orr, Jesica Milton, Ms. Wood, Johanna Lindstrom, Melissa Gaynor, KYMARO CARDIWRAP.

Fashion industry’s online apparel directory and digital, social marketing tool designed to help increase brand awareness for retailers, designers or brands. By consolidating designer information into a visually searchable platform, retailers can discover new and emerging designers by product categories, price points, and events.

Madison Buyer helps retailers, designers and tradeshows adapt to marketing through digital mediums and developing more sustainable, environmentally friendly business practices. By sending prospective retailers and designers to their digital catalogs and forms, Madison Buyer enables designers and brands "green" their business practices by cutting down on costs of printed materials and catalog mailings.

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