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вторник, 13 июля 2010 г.

Swedish Fantasy: Fashion of Ruby, Oil and Steel

Clothes, books, music and art. Here is some mix to make you inspired. Swedish director and motion designer Simon Rudholm reveals his great work for Moniki World.

This racy clip called "The Goddess" is a latest addition to Simon's portfolio. He uses a Phantom HD Gold, which probably shooting around 1500 frames per second.

Welcome to explore the Monki Fields, inhabited by lace butterflies and origami birds. Climb the Ruby Mountains and visit the city of Oil and Steel. Have a trip with the Brazilian ballet dancer Luisa Rocci, portraing a graceful fantasy figure of the Monki World, swirling the scenery all dressed in the latest Monki fashion.

Monki is a Swedish based brand who were bought out by retail giants H&M in 2008. The purpose of the film is to present the Monki concept in a playful way to everyone attracted to the brand. Fashion is to express yourself, and there are no fashion laws in the Monki world anything is possible. The creatures of the Monki world are figures of your imagination, or simply reflections of yourself. The Monki world is a state of mind. Follow your guide as she dances and paints a fantasy land without bo! undaries.

The Monki World simply represents what we think fashion should be all about creation without limitation. "We all look to film for fashion inspiration and found it a natural platform to illustrate our world", says Marisa Fjärem, Art Director and Concept Developer at Monki.

Monki Official Site
Monki on Vimeo
Simon Rudholm’s Portfolio
Simon Rudholm on Vimeo
Simon Rudholm on Facebook

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