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пятница, 28 мая 2010 г.

SUMMERJUNK Launch and TRUCK Music Festival

Having built a fine reputation in the tailoring industry, Jon Clough and Marcus Bates thought it was time for a change. Time for something with less starch, time to undo the top button and loosen up a little.

On return to the big smoke (after a weekend of soul searching in Cromer), it dawned on them – they wanted to create a clothing brand that would be equally at home on the urban concrete as it would be strutting its stuff on sandy boardwalks.

It had to have the 'HEART OF THE COAST, SOUL OF THE CITY'. It was a summer's day, the sun was shining and Jon was in his local junk store looking for an antique trouser press when the name SUMMERJUNK came to him. It felt good. It felt right. It was time to turn this vision into a reality.

Fast-forward to spring 2010 and the first fruits of their labour of love have arrived and can be found at . The debut range of contemporary graphic t-shirts, Hoods, Sweats and Polo shirts have a retro beating heart and effortlessly mix the old with the new. Taking inspiration from music, design and popular culture, the striking limited edition designs give the brand and the consumer something really unique whilst embracing the 'Junk Gospel' of style , comfort and individuality.

With constant range updates planned over the coming months and a rapidly growing fan base, the future for Summerjunk is scorching. Jon has now decided not to wear his suit anymore. Marcus has cut it down to just 3 days a week.

SUMMERJUNK announced spreading the Junk Gospel at the super cool TRUCK music festival on July 23rd-25th. «Come visit the stall with the coupon and we’ll give you 25% off any purchase. – calls out SUMMERJUNKMore festival confirmations will be added shortly where this coupon will also be valid. We also have a fridge so our beers will be cold and we might let you have one!»

The echoes of summer are sounding.

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