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вторник, 8 июня 2010 г.

Lucia: East-meets-West

Alycia Tang honed her design skills at a young age while growing up in the world of fashion accessories through her mother's handbag boutique.
Years later, along with her Japanese friend, N. Takeda, she relaunched her family's company with the name «Liucia» with a simple philosophy: «Girls, who know what girls want, design for girls.»

Alycia Tang disclaimed the Rudyard Kipling’s saying: «East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet…» and creating with an East-meets-West aesthetic with an injection of avant-garde textures and cuts. Liucia features three bag collections: «Liucia Japan», «Liucia», and «B Loves Liucia».
Incorporating silk obi sashes with Spanish leather and Italian suede woven into braids and pleats, Liucia is loved by women all over for its ability to weave the flawlessness of Japanese philosophy with unique materials sourced by Alycia herself. Its keen awareness of textiles, cuts and shapes has earned Liucia international recognition with collections available in stores from Tokyo to Toronto.
The price-rage for bags is non-dictatorial: $42 – $400. Also on the Lucia website, you can purchase an elegant clothing accessories and shoes.

Lucia website
Alycia Tang on Facebook

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